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  • Drgah and Masjid Shareef of Hazrat Muhammad Rashid Roze Dhani

    Pir Jo Goth is located in the western side of District Head Quarter Khairpur at the distance of about 18 K.M. The Historical town of Pir-Jo-Goth is the Head Quarter of Taluka Kingri. The Famous Dargah Rashdia is situated at Pir Goth Town, which is the Head Quarter of spiritual leader of Hur Jamayet Hazrat Pir Sahab Pagaro. Whose Functional Muslim League has command over other political parties in District Khairpur and especially in Taluka Kingri. Hazrat Pir Sahab Pagaro is the strong supporter of Federation. Taluka Kingri was come in to being in 1990. Prior to New Local Government System there were 02 Urban Councils viz Pir-Jo-Goth and Piryaloi in Taluka Kingri. The Pir Goth is 2nd largest city of Khairpur District, having population of 213864 souls as per 1998 census.

  • Distaare Fazeelat Ceremony @ Dargah Shareef Pir Jo Goth

    In these Photos Ulama Karam, Hufaze Uzam and Quraa Hazrat are being tied Turbans by their teachers and honorable guests as they have passed the Final Exams and some of them memorized the Holy Quraan. This ceremony is celebrated on the Courtyard in the Masjid Sharif of Hazrat Muhammad Rashid Roze Dhani Raddi allah Anh.Photos taken by Sanaullah Mangnejo Sarem

  • Test with enclosures

    In these Photos Ulama Karam, Hufaze Uzam and Quraa Hazrat are being tied Turbans by their teachers and honorable guests as they have passed the Final Exams and some of them memorized the Holy Quraan. This ceremony is celebrated on the Courtyard in the Masjid Sharif of Hazrat Muhammad Rashid Roze Dhani Raddi allah Anh.Photos taken by Sanaullah Mangnejo Sarem

  • Block quotes

    In these Photos Ulama Karam, Hufaze Uzam and Quraa Hazrat are being tied Turbans by their teachers and honorable guests as they have passed the Final Exams and some of them memorized the Holy Quraan. This ceremony is celebrated on the Courtyard in the Masjid Sharif of Hazrat Muhammad Rashid Roze Dhani Raddi allah Anh.Photos taken by Sanaullah Mangnejo Sarem

تازيون تحريرون اي ميلز ذريعي

  • NAME:                 Sayed Muhammad Rashid
  • FATHER`S NAME :  Sayed Muhammad Baqa Shah
  • ALAIS :                Roz-e-Dhani          
  • TAKHALUS :          Roz-e-Dhani
  • DATE OF BIRTH:    6th Ramzan-ul-Mubarak ,1170 Hijri
  • QUALIFICATION :   Farigh-ul-Tahseeh ,Ilmul Quran And Hadith
  • NAME OF TEACHERS: 1.Hafiz Zain-u-Din Mahesar ,Makhdoom Tayab , Muhammad Akram Ghumro, Madrasa Faqir-u-Allah Alvi Shikarpur,Makhdoom Yar Muhammad Kotri Kabir and higher Education from Makhdoom Molana Muhammad Village Khair Muhammad Arija Larkana and also the spiritual guidance from father sayed Muhammad Baqa Shah.
  • DATE OF DASTAR BANDI: 10th  Muharam 1198 Hijri in age of 28 yeas
  • HOBBIES : Travelto preach of      Islam in Hindo Pak sub-continent 
  • DURATION OF PAGG: 35 Years
  • BOOKS WRITTEN : Jama-ul-Jawamiu Persian Dictionary , Asama-ul-Allah-ul-Husna and Maqtoobat  Letters 
  • POETRY: Sindhi and Persian
  • ACTIVITIES: All over sindh and Hind to preach of  Islam ,hundred of thousands people accept Islam and became his followers .
He spend his 35 precious years in preaching of  Islam.
His Malfoozat (Sayings)  is Guidance for Jamait according to Shariat-e-Muhammadi (PBH).
His famous Book ` JAMA-UL-JAWAMIU consisting three thousand pages ,
Based upon the religion and theology.
His Malfoozat (Sayings)  is Guidance for Jamait according to Shariat-e-   Muhammadi (PBH).
  • BRIEF SIMPLE HISTORY 25 LINES:Sayed Muhammad Rashid is famous with `Rozey Dhani` was born on 6th Ramzan-ul-Mubarak 1170 at Village Rahim Dino Kalhoro Kairpur Mirs .During those days there were nothing Isalmic knowledge and nor any awareness about Islam in Hind and Sindh.
Sayed Muhammad Rashid `Rozey Dhani` Traveled From Jasamire ,Jodhpur , kachh ,Rajistan Hind , Balochistan , Panjab , Afghanistan ,Iran and all over sindh.
DEATH: 1st  Shuban-ul-Muazam ,1233 Hijri  / 1818 A.D

Pir Pagara - I
  1. NAME : Sayed Sibghatullah Shah-I 
  2. FATHER`S NAME : Sayed Muhammad Rashid ` Razey Dhani `
  3. ALAIS : Tajjar Dhani
  4. TAKHALUS :     Khalifa-Tu-Allah
  5. DATE OF BIRTH: 1193 Hijri  1780 A.D at Rahim Dino Kalhoro Khairpur
  6. QUALIFICATION : Islmic Education ,Fiqah
  8. DATE OF DASTAR BANDI: 1233 Hijri
  9. HOBBIES : Preach of Islam and spiritual poetry .
  10. DURATION OF PAGG: 13 Years.
  11. BOOKS WRITTEN : -----
  12. POETRY: In Sindhi, Hindi, Persian and Urdu
  13. ACTIVITIES:     At Every day after Nimaz Fajur lecture of Dars-e-Hadith andinterested in study of        Poetry Maznavi Moulana Roomi,
Collection of Malfoozat of Hazrat Muhammad Rashid Rozey Dhani ,preach of Islam and introduce the Islamic education .
Management of Jamitee silsial to perform payer and zikir also Dars-e- Hadith.
  1.     DEATH: 6th Ramzan-ul-Mubarak ,1246 Hijri
  1. BRIEF SIMPLE HISTORY 25 LINES : Sayed Sighatullah Shah –I Pir Pagara-I (1193-1246) Hijri .was born in Village Rahim Dino Kalhoro Khairpur Mirs. He was interested in spiritual poetry and study of Masnavi Mpulana Roomi .
Sayed Ahmed Shaheed Came at him to help for resist the Sikh any Islamic forces which are attracting our home land ,then Pir sain Sayed Tajar Dhani helped him.also protected him .
Hur movement was actually started in the days of Sibghtullah Shah -I .[1831-1779]and reached its peak in the days Sibghtullah Shah Shaheed Suraih Bad Shah, Hurs become active against britishers, so rulers sent every active person to Vasarpur district Ahmed Nangar for Jail in India.
Sibghatullah Shah-1 provided forces to Syed Ahmed Shaheed to fight against Sikhs and since then these brave people are called as Hurs [free people] freedom struggle was practically started by Syed Sibghtullah Shah Shaheed Awal in 1246[Hijri].

Pir Pagara - II
  1. NAME : Sayed Pir Ali Gohar Shah-I
  2. FATHER`S NAME : Sayed Sibghatullah Shah-I
  3. ALAIS : Asghar
  4. TAKHALUS : Bangle Dhani
  5. DATE OF BIRTH: 4th Rajab-ul-Murajab ,1231 Hijri
  6. QUALIFICATION : Islamic Education , Literacy in Adbiat .
  7. DATE OF BIRTH ACORDING TO A.D…………………………….
  8. DATE OF DASTAR BANDI:  1246 Hijri
  9. HOBBIES : Preach of Islam and poetry Sindhi and Persian
  10. DURATION OF PAGG:  18 Years.
  11. BOOKS WRITTEN : Kalme Asghar Sindhi /Persain Mixesd Poetry.
  12. POETRY:  Kalamey  Asghar
Travel spiritual awareness to Jamait from Sindh to Kachh, Kathiawar , Ahmedabad and Sorat Band
Spiritual lectures and spiritual travels for awareness of Jamait and other people.
Also he collected the Malfoozat (Sayings) of  His father Pir Sain Tajjar Dhani.
  1. DEATH: 11th Jamadi-ul-Awal 1263 Hijri
Sayed Pir Ali Gohar Shah–IPir Pagara-II      (1231-1263) .
He was very famous due to his poetry in Sindhi and Persian ,His Poetry Book "KALAM-E-ASGHAR" is very popular in the field of Poetry also singers selects his poetry in spiritual Gatherings.

Sayed Pir Ali Gohar Shah–I  Pir Pagara-II migrated from his native Place Village Rahim dino Kalhoro To Present Village Pir Jo Goth due to flood of Indus River , In the Dream Sayed Muhammad Rashid Razey Dhani ordered him to Shift their Graves (Maqbura shareef ) from Village Rahim Dino To an Pir Jo Goth , Pir Sain Ali Gohar Shah-I obeys the Order and shifted all the Graves of  forefathers ,it was the  karamat-Oliya that all bodies were completely safe and fragranced.
Also He Constructed a Very magnificent Jamia Masjid at Pir Jo Goth

Pir Pagara - III

  1. NAME : Sayed Pir Hizbullah Shah-I
  2. FATHER`S NAME : Sayed Pir Ali Gohar Shah-1
  3. ALAIS : Masnud Dhani
  4. TAKHALUS : Takht Dhani
  5. DATE OF BIRTH:  Saturday on 18th  Shawal, 1258 Hijri
  6. QUALIFICATION : Islamic Education and spiritual Guidance from father
  7. DATE OF BIRTH ACORDING TO A.D…………………………….
  8. DATE OF DASTAR BANDI: 1262  in age of  only Five (05) Years
  9. HOBBIES: Spiritual poetry .
  10. DURATION OF PAGG:     46 Years.
  11. BOOKS WRITTEN : Deeven-e-Miskeen
  12. POETRY: In Sindhi ,Persian ,
  13. ACTIVITIES: Travel for spiritual and Islamic education to Jamait and protect them from anti Islamic forces.

He write the letter to King of Turki and informed him that Birtish Govt. is increasing day by day , there is anti Islamic and anti social activities in our home land.


he has appointed Hafiz Muhammad Siddique to Translate Quran sharif  with Tafseer and also Mishquwat Sharif  With brief tafseer for jamait .

  1. DEATH: 4th Muhamram-u-Haram ,1308 Hijri

Sayed Pir Hizbullah shah –I Pir pagara –III (1258-1308) Hijri
He was famous his spiritual and Islamic Poetry .His Book `DEEVAN-E-MISKEEN` in Sindhi also effected Persian colorful fragrance in poetry .
He travelled in Jasalmir Hind to acknowledge the jamait from Islamic literature. And protect them from anti Islamic forces also he write against birtish colonization in home land.
He reconstructed the     Magnificent Jamia Masjid which was constructed his by father but due increasing in the Jamailt it was not sufficient.
In the Masjid there are forty pillers in it, and about 3000 to 4000 people can pray Nimaz at once.
He also Constructed a very beautiful banglow beside the masjid but During the finishing a spiritual Alim friend visited the Banglow,he said sir you have constructed beautiful but at the time of death it will intense you, on that moment Pir Sain Hizbullah Shah Stoped the work.
He managed the network of Jamait and appointed Molvi Abdul Qader Khatib jamia masjid .
He Distributed Whole Hur Jamait in 12 Parts (Chokis)

  • Choki Ghahiki.
  • Choki Khawar.
  • Choki kalian.
  • Choki Shahdadpur.
  • Choki Khitto.
  • Choki Laar.
  • Choki Gamahh.
  • Choki Par.
  • Choki Jasalmir.
  • Achhro Thar.
  • Choki Naaro.
  • Choki Ban.

Pir Pagara - IV

  1. NAME : Sayed Pir Ali Gohar Shah-II 
  2. FATHER`S NAME : Sayed Hizbullah shah-II
  3. ALAIS : Ali
  4. TAKHALUS : Maafey Dhani
  5. DATE OF BIRTH: 1275 Hijri
  6. QUALIFICATION : Islamic education
  8. DATE OF DASTAR BANDI: 4th Muharam-ul-Haram 1308
  9. HABITS : Spiritual poetryin Persian           He was at stage of fana Fillah
  10. DURATION OF PAGG:  (6 ) six years
  11. BOOKS WRITTEN :…………………………………………………
  12. POETRY: In Persian
  13. ACTIVITIES: Spiritual Travel in Jamait , He was weak physically so Jamait made a Maafo for Travelling that is way he was known as Maafi Dhani.


In those days 1893 Hur Jamiat Started independence struggle against British Colonization in our home land. British Govt. Started cruel activities against Hur Jamaait.


He ordered the Jamait to be punctual for pray Nimaz and Zikir .

  1. DEATH:  24TH Jamadi-Ul-Aakhir ,1314 Hijri   Age  39 years

Sayed Pir Ali Gohar Shah-II Pir Pagara-IV  (1275-1314) Hijri ,
He started work for Jamait with his Father sayed Pir Hizbullah Shah-I after the death of  father he become forth Pir Pagara .
He was at the stage of greatness spiritually, so always remained silent extra ordinary deep in love with prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him.
Due his mind totally converted to almighty Allah he transfers all the responsibilities of Hur Jamait to his brother Sayed Shah Mardan Shah-I. Which was his fourth brother.
He has no son so after his Death the Pagg of Peeran Pagara was transferred to Shah Mardan Shah-I . 

Pir Pagara - V

  • NAME : Sayed Shah Mardan Shah-I
  • FATHER`S NAME : Sayed Hizbullah Shah-I. He was the fourth son.
  • ALAIS : Shams-ul-Ullma
  • TAKHALUS : Kot Dhani
  • DATE OF BIRTH:   Sunday  7th safar-ul-Muzafar 1279 Hijri
  • QUALIFICATION : Islamic Education
  • DATE OF DASTAR BANDI:  1314 Hijri age of  35 Years
  • HABITS : To Invite the Alims also He gives due appreciation to Isalmic Educated and philosophers and arrange the programs in which people get the Knowledge of Islam.
  • DURATION OF PAGG:  26 Years
  • BOOKS WRITTEN : Pir Sain Kot Dhani arranged the literature of Islamic education for Hur jamait because during those days there were need of Islamic awareness.


  1. ACTIVITIES: In those days Pir Sain faces Lot of Challenges, Education to Hur Jamait, Family Problems ,British govt. anti Hur Jamait Activities and   facing the false cases against jamait. He always gives the instruction to Hur Jamait for patience ,Peace and sincerity .

He Started a Magnificent Religious Programs on 27th Rajab-ul Murab Sahreef   , Eid-ul- Fiter and Eid-ul-Uzha   in which he Invites all Alims /philosophers all over Hind and Sind to Address the Hur Jamait about Islamic Ideology. And fundamentals of Isalm.
Some famous Alims which always with Pir Sain , They are
Moulana Mufti Abdul Ghafoor Hamayooni .
Moulana Nazar Muhammad (Bhung )
Moulana Abdul Rehman  ( Sukkur )
He Faces the British govt. anti Activities ,false cases against Hur Jamait also Govt. Forces to Present people ,Pir sain Replay that our Mission is Peace, Islamic Education and awareness to people. It responsibility of state to arrest them. British Govt. Officers were afraid due to increasing the Hur Jamait manpower, management and spiritual guidance of  Pir Pagara.

  2. Education System for jamait.
  3. Constructed a Very High and wide Wall ( Fort) around the Darghah Shareef  with Enclosures for safety of Masjid and Darghah .
  4. Constructed the Madrasa jamia Rashdia .
  5. Construction of Travelers Home ( Musafer Khana) .
  6. Contruction Guest House ( Mehman Khana) .
  7.   DEATH : Tuesday , 7th Rabi-ul-Awal 1340 Hijri  /1921age of      61 years

  1. BRIEF SIMPLE HISTORY 25 LINES : Pir Sain sayed ShahMardan Shah-I Pir Pagara-V   (1279H 1860-1340H 1921) Was the fourth son of Sayed Hizbullah Shah-I ,He was Brother of Sayed Ali Gohar Shah-II                                       Pir pagara-IV. Sayed Ali Gohar Shah-II had no son so he selected him as Pir Pagara V after him in written last will.

He was very Highly wise man and educated person so he started the education to whole Jamait , also to establish institute for education .He due appreciate the Alims and wise men to teach the Islamic Education.
He was generous /bountiful person help the poor ,donate the food and cloths to needy people .
He arranged a food support program for pilgrims at Saudi Arabia collected everything with five hundred peoples as helpers but unfortunately due to shipment problems program cancelled so Pir sain distributed total food and clothes in poor and needy people.
Pir Sain Constructed a Tomb (Rozo Mubarak) on Hair (Mooei Mubark ) of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) at Rahri Sukkur.
He establish the print Presses to Publish the Islamic Literature of Muslims and Hur Jamait.
He Published a Tasseer Kosar  ( Quran Sharif Translated in Brief  in Sindhi) which is Bright Truth from Almighty Allah for Guidance of mankind.
Also others books for awareness :

Pir Pagara - VI
  • NAME : Sayed Sibghatullah Shah-II   ( Qaim Shah )
  • FATHER`S NAME : Sayed Shah Mardan Shah-I
  • ALAIS : Sooreh Badshah
  • TAKHALUS : Sibghatullah
  • DATE OF BIRTH:  13th  Safar-ul-Muzafar 1337 Hijri
  • QUALIFICATION : Islamic Education from Madrasah jamia Rashdia , in which very highly well known Alims appointed by his Father Shams-ul-Ulma Shah Mardan Shah-I . He get Knowledge Islamic ideology and Spiritual training from his fathers.

He was master in Three languages Arabic, Persian and Sindhi  

  • DATE OF BIRTH ACORDING TO A.D:     6th March, 1909
  • DATE OF DASTAR BANDI:     November 1921   Age of 12 Years
  • HABITS : Pray (Nimaz)  five times ,Pray (Nimaz) Tahajud and Zikir,in every situation, may in travel, Askari condition or in Ratnagri Jail.

He was learned more spiritual lessons from his father, so he completely implemented all advices on him practically that is way hundreds of  thousand people get spiritual guidance and jihad against anti-Islamic force.
He wants to get independent home land where everyone can easily perform Islamic activities according to Holy Quran And Hadith.

  • DURATION OF PAGG:   22 years

Pir Sibghatullah Shah-I  wrote that `TAMBEEH-UL-FUQRA`  book in Ratnagri Jail  for Guidance of Hur Jamait To how you spent you life accordingly.

  • ACTIVITIES: after Ibadat (Pray)  he Guide the  Jamait to perform Pray (Nimaz) and Zikir also he travelled in all the areas of sindh and Hind ,he managed the Hur Jamait .

He started Training to Hur jamait for fight against the British colonization which were continuously strengthen their roots in home land.
He wrote many books for guidance of Hur Jamait during Jail in Ratnagri,Madnapur, Ali Pur (India) all the books Government forfeited but only one TAMBEEH-UL-FUQRA  is available.    


He Managed the Hur Jamait and trained them to how they live in this condition, also he Magnificently organized the Hur force. They fight against the Government and they sacrifice their lands, homes, children .Government hanged thousands Hur Innocents without any file cases to finish the Hur movement but those whose Almighty Allah is helper they never be destroyed but succeed  , finally Hur Jamait extract /pull out the British forces and closed the hundred years British regime chapter from our home land.


British Government`s aim and object was that no one should be powerful in this sub-continent so they were always apposite those Islamic activities. They also afraid that Hur Jamait can create problem for them, so they continue cruel activities and false cases against them.
Pagaras' and their followers fought for freedom against British rulers and their supporters for 108 years from 1843 to 1951.
1922 when Sibghtullah Shah II [Sarah Bad Shah] becomes Pir Pagara he was only 12 years old. Very soon he realized that British officer’s behavior towards Hur Jamat or Sindhi people was insulting and Humiliating, he resented and rose voiced against British rulers. He organized, encouraged and determined to continue struggle against British rulers. As a result Marsha law was imposed by British rulers to control hur movement. Pir Sahib made Grange Bungalow as his general head quarter. He with planning recruited his followers for armed struggle. They were trained for fight and to continue armed struggle. This act of Pir Sahib raised slogan “home land or death”. After the arrest of Pir Sahib Hurs increased their activities against Government.

Hurs started attacking Police stations, Government buildings, Railway Stations, Telephone System and irrigation system to paralyze Government and to pressurize Government to release their spiritual leader. Government as a result started arrest of Hurs and their leaders. Governments established false cases against them and punished them heavily after summary trials.
Pir Sahib had succeeded in telling his intensify their struggle and activities if he is arrested. Railway train Lahore mail was derailed by Hurs on 16th may 1942. When Hurs attacked army or police they raised slogan of “Bheg Pagara” . To crush Hurs, Grange Bungalow their center was bombarded and destroyed on 26th may 43. Lastly he was arrested on 24th October 1941 & was sent to seoni in India jail. Dargah Sharif & bungalow in pir Jo Goth were also destroyed in 1943. In 1942 the important leaders of hur Jamat were also arrested. Pir Sahib was brought back from Seaoni to Sindh in January 1943 and was arrested in Hyderabad central jail. The hurs made makhi forest as their base for activities. Government when failed to control struggle by land forces, started air bombing over grange bungalow, makhi forest and Dargah Sharif.
Hurs were ordered them not to give daily attendance instead become absconder and to continue struggle and activities. Government ultimately arrested thousands of hur leaders along with their families and kept them in concentration camps [where attendance was taken in morning and evening].They were in camps till 1952 when the present Pir Sahib Pagara was crowned and Gadi was restored.
History of the Hur freedom Movement
During the British rule, Pir Pagaro declared his community "Hur" (free from British slavery). The British tried to crush the uprising and that started an armed resistance by Hurs. Ultimately the British passed the infamous law "Hur Act" where the entire Hur community was declared criminals and were ordered to be shot to death on sight.
The Hurs cannot be said to have been defeated as they continued their struggle even after the hanging of the Pir Sahib, right up to the time of the independence of Pakistan, Pakistan having acquired the status of an independent country. The British were forced by Hurs and a number of other movements to leave the 'Jewel in the British Crown'. Pir Pagaro Sayyed Sibghatullah Shah was hanged on March 20, 1943 and the British left Pakistan in four years' time on 14 August 1947. Long after the end of British rule, Pir Pagaro's two sons, who were in British custody in England, were released and came back to lead their community. Sindh was a province in the newly independent Pakistan. The sons of Sibghatullah Shah Shaheed were brought to Pakistan in December 1951 after long negotiations. The elder son, Pir Sikandar Shah, Shah Mardan Shah, became the new Pir in February 1952. Shah Mardan Shah II is the current Pir Pagaro.
Sindh Assembly pays rich tribute
Sindh Assembly passed a resolution unanimously to pay rich tribute to Pir Sibghatullah Shah Rashdi Pir Pigaro, the father of chief of PML-F Pir Sahib Pagaro. The resolution jointly moved by opposition leader Jam Madad Ali, MPAs Dr Muhammad Rafique Banbhan, Abdur Razzaque Rahimoon, Syeda Marvi Rashdi and Nusrat Abbasi says, This house resolve to pay tribute to Shaheed Pir Sibghatullah Shah Rashdi, Pir Pagaro alias Soriah Badshah ,on the occasion of his death anniversary falling on 20 March. Speaking on the occasion, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah observed that it was a reality that martyr Pir Sibghatullah Shah Rashdi Pir .
DEATH:     20th March,1043.     1362 Hijri 

Pir Pagara - VII

  • NAME : Shah Mardan Shah-II    Pir Pagaro -VII
  • FATHER`S NAME : Sayed Sibghatullah Shah-II ( Sooreh Badshah)
  • ALAIS : Sikandar Ali Shah
  • TAKHALUS : Chhat  Dhani
  • DATE OF BIRTH:   27th  Safar-ul-Muzafar 1347 Hijri
  • QUALIFICATION : Qualified from Alighar University
  • DATE OF BIRTH ACORDING TO A.D: 2nd November,1928
  • DATE OF DASTAR BANDI: 4TH February,1952 
  • HABITS : Study of  Books in all Fields, Politics, Horse Racing, Predictions.
  • DURATION OF PAGG:  From 58 years he is now performing magnificent 

Rule in the betterment of  Hur Jamait and Pakistan.

  • ACTIVITIES: Thinking whole night for betterment of our home land and development of Hur Jamait. Daily come in office and  meet with people, politician, Alims, Poors, He is King of Kings.

He his Master in all Fields also philosopher in history and politics


I have no words to Write the performance of  Shah Mardadn Shah-II  Pir Pagara VII for Jamait and Country ,but  In simple words I will say that God has gifted total power last seventh Pagaras to him .
One single example I want write here that Pir Pagara`s  follower  Muhammad Khan Jonejo became the Prime Minister of  Islamic Republic of Pakistan by his efforts.


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