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  • Drgah and Masjid Shareef of Hazrat Muhammad Rashid Roze Dhani

    Pir Jo Goth is located in the western side of District Head Quarter Khairpur at the distance of about 18 K.M. The Historical town of Pir-Jo-Goth is the Head Quarter of Taluka Kingri. The Famous Dargah Rashdia is situated at Pir Goth Town, which is the Head Quarter of spiritual leader of Hur Jamayet Hazrat Pir Sahab Pagaro. Whose Functional Muslim League has command over other political parties in District Khairpur and especially in Taluka Kingri. Hazrat Pir Sahab Pagaro is the strong supporter of Federation. Taluka Kingri was come in to being in 1990. Prior to New Local Government System there were 02 Urban Councils viz Pir-Jo-Goth and Piryaloi in Taluka Kingri. The Pir Goth is 2nd largest city of Khairpur District, having population of 213864 souls as per 1998 census.

  • Distaare Fazeelat Ceremony @ Dargah Shareef Pir Jo Goth

    In these Photos Ulama Karam, Hufaze Uzam and Quraa Hazrat are being tied Turbans by their teachers and honorable guests as they have passed the Final Exams and some of them memorized the Holy Quraan. This ceremony is celebrated on the Courtyard in the Masjid Sharif of Hazrat Muhammad Rashid Roze Dhani Raddi allah Anh.Photos taken by Sanaullah Mangnejo Sarem

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    In these Photos Ulama Karam, Hufaze Uzam and Quraa Hazrat are being tied Turbans by their teachers and honorable guests as they have passed the Final Exams and some of them memorized the Holy Quraan. This ceremony is celebrated on the Courtyard in the Masjid Sharif of Hazrat Muhammad Rashid Roze Dhani Raddi allah Anh.Photos taken by Sanaullah Mangnejo Sarem

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    In these Photos Ulama Karam, Hufaze Uzam and Quraa Hazrat are being tied Turbans by their teachers and honorable guests as they have passed the Final Exams and some of them memorized the Holy Quraan. This ceremony is celebrated on the Courtyard in the Masjid Sharif of Hazrat Muhammad Rashid Roze Dhani Raddi allah Anh.Photos taken by Sanaullah Mangnejo Sarem

تازيون تحريرون اي ميلز ذريعي

Shah Mardan Shah-II Pir pagaro VII was born in Pir jo Goth on 22nd November 1928. He had his primary education at pir Jo Goth. During arrest of his father, Education was looked after by khalifas at Dargah Sharif. His circumcision was performed at Grange bungalow near Sanghar.

From 8th May 1943 to 1946.       
he was kept under house arrest along with his Younger brother Nader Ali Shah and family members in Karachi. He stayed three years Ali garh from 1943 to 1946. In1946 he was shifted by Ship to liver pool (ENGLAND) In England he was admitted in Major Davis private School and was under arrested. This private school was no less than a hell.This was in far flung rural area near hero in pioneer. There were only 12-13 students in this school all from foreign countries belonging to those families who opposed British rule in their countries. In this school he had no choose of subjects, but to study whatever administration said. He was forced to study a Christianity subject of Divinity to Learn French and Latin. He had his graduation from England.
In 1949 Prime Minister Liaqut Ali Khan met him in England and assured of restoration of Status of Pir Pagara On 4th February 1952 his status of pir Pagara was officially restored and Destarbandi was done. 

Present Pir Sahib has great dominating and impressing personality. Pir Sahib is very kind hearted sympathetic, courageous and brave man. Immediately after restoration of Gadi he had many challenges. Most important challenge was to restore the image of Hur Jamait. British during last 30 years had tarnished the image of Hur Jamait and projected the Hur Jamait as terrorist. It was a big task to clarify the position of the Jamait to organize the scattered and absconded Jamait and to restore confidence in Jamait. He took special interest in education of Jamait and to make Jamait law abiding and peaceful citizens. He tried for academic as well as religious education. He got Hur scholar-ship sanctioned by Government for poor Hur students.
Philanthropic people in Jamait also supported the poor, intelligent and deserving Hur students. Pir Sahib him self also paid educational expenses of poor and deserving Hur students. Pir Sahib repeatedly stressed the need of education particularly higher education both males and females.
For religious education Pir Sahib on May 1952 established Jamia Rashidia at Dargah Sharif. Management and expenses of jamia was the responsibility of Dargah. By now there are about eighty branches of Jamia Rashdia in different cities of Sindh from where thousands of muftis, hafiz of Quran, Molvi, Alams, and Fazils got the degree in Islamic literature, who are serving in different cities of Sindh ,Balochistan and Panjab  He had established a beautiful library at Dargah Sharif which has hundred of Thousands  of valuable and precious books. Though he is heavily busy, he is the only leader in Pakistan who attends his telephone personally, directly, so it is very easy to talk to him for any problem.Pir Sahib has four sons, Sibghtullah Shah [Raga sain], Ali Gohar Shah, Sadar-u-ddin Shah[Younis sain] and Hizbullzh Shah .

After restoration of Gadi he called all the absconders of Hur Jamait at Dargah Sharif, took their photographs personally. Those having major cases were handed to Government and advised to face cases and almost all of them were freed as the cases were false. Those who had minor cases or no cases were asked to live peace fully like law abiding Citizens. After consultation with Khalifas and seeking permission form Government in 1952.  Pir Sahib made a program to meet Jamait and tour the different areas. He came to hunting first in Makhi and Awadh. Till that time Hurs were in concentration camps. Some people advised him to go to camps so that followers inside camps can see him. He refused and said I will burn all these camps. It happened so, that after a few days all camps caught fire. Any way the inmates of camps were brought out side of camps in groups to see their leader. Pir Pagara never visited any foreign country except England
[during arrest] and Saudi Arabia [for religious obligations]. Pir Pagara has no account or property in any foreign country.

  • Pir Sahib is very fond of Hunting some areas as Awadh is reserved for. Pir Sahib hunting where no body else is allowed to hunt.
  • Pir Sahib is very fond of horses and horse racings. He has many horses of high breed, which often win the races Karachi race club has been restored only with Pir Sahib's efforts.
  • Forecasting is also hobby of Pir Sahib. His Political forecast often comes true,

Hur movement was actually started in the days of Sibghtullah Sha-I Bad Shah.[1779-1831] and reached its peak in the days Sibghtullah Shah Shaheed Suraih Bad Shah, Hurs become active against britishers, so rulers sent every active person to Vasarpur district Ahmed Nangar for Jail in India.
Sibghatullah Shah-1 provided forces to Syed Ahmed Shaheed to fight against Sikhs and since then these brave people are called as Hurs [free people] freedom struggle was practically started by Syed Sibghtullah Shah Shaheed Awal in 1246[Hijri].
Pagaras' and their followers fought for freedom against British rulers and their supporters for 108 years from 1843 to 1951.
In 1922 when Sibghtullah Shah II [Sarah Bad Shah] becomes Pir Pagara he was only 12 years old. Very soon he realized that British officer’s behavior towards Hur Jamait or Sindhi people was insulting and Humiliating, he resented and rose voiced against British rulers. He organized, encouraged and determined to continue struggle against British rulers. As a result Marsha law was imposed by British rulers in Barhoon District Sanghar { The first Marshal Law in Asia } to control Hur movement. Pir Sahib made Grange Bungalow as his general head quarter. He struggle with planning recruited his followers . They were trained for fight and to continue armed struggle. This act of Pir Sahib raised slogan “home land or death”. After the arrest of Pir Sahib Hurs increased their activities against Government. Hurs started attacking Police stations, Government buildings, Railway Stations, Telephone System and irrigation system to paralyze Government and to pressurize Government to release their spiritual leader and go back to their country. Government as a result started arrest of Hurs and their leaders. Governments established false cases against them and punished them heavily after summary trials.
Pir Sahib had succeeded in telling his intensify their struggle and activities if he is arrested. Railway train Lahore mail was derailed by Hurs on 16th may 1942.

When Hurs attacked army or police they raised slogan of “Bheg Pagara” .
To crush Hurs, Grange Bungalow their center was bombarded and destroyed on 26th may 1943. Lastly he was arrested on 24th October 1941 & was sent to seoni in India jail. 
Dargah Sharif & bungalow in pir Jo Goth were also destroyed in1943.
In 1942 the important leaders of Hur Jamait were also arrested. Pir Sahib was brought back from Seaoni to Sindh in January 1943 and was forces, started air bombing over Grung Bungalow, makhi forest and Dargah Sharif.
Hurs were ordered them not to give daily attendance instead become absconder and to continue struggle and activities. Government ultimately arrested thousands of Hur leaders along with their families and kept them in concentration camps [where attendance was taken in morning and evening].They were in camps till 1952 when the present Pir Sahib Pagara was crowned and Gadi was restored.


Pir Syed Sibghtullah Shah-II Shaheed started armed struggle against the British in the form of hur movement the rulers were so much scared of the movement that they assassinated Sibghtullah Shah Shaheed to control the movement .Thus Sibghtullah Shah Shaheed gave his life independence.
Present Pir Sahib thinks it his duty to safeguard & maintain the sovereignty, integrity and independence of the home land. When in 1965 India attacked Pakistan Pir Sahib asked his followers that Almighty Allah has given us a golden chance to serve our country and to give our lives even for maintaining our freedom fight till success or death. About 20,000 volunteers came out and fought very bravely and captured many posts of India.

Similarly in 1971 by order of Pir sahib his followers volunteered and fought very bravely against army.

Pir Sahib is very peaceful and law abiding citizen. This is proved from the fact that during lingual riots in the days of people from other areas of Sindh migrated to the area under pir sahib's influence
. When in 1967 gang of Karo Machi Dacoit played havoc in Sindh & Government was unable to control the Dacoits. Pir Sahib ordered his followers to crush the Dacoits and maintain peach. The Hurs fought against the Dacoits and crushed them and maintained peace.
Again in 1969 an other gang of Abbas Katohar dacoit snatched the peach of people of Sindh, The Hurs on order of Pir sahib crushed Abbas katohar's gang also and maintained peach. It is for the above services of Pir Sahib that he is called as Mohsin-e-Millat. In 1970 Pir sahib got a new paper "States man" published from Karachi whose Editor was Awais.
In 1955 Pir Sahib got Dargah Sharif renovated and decorated .Later on Bungalows and boundary walls were also reconditioned as before. According to some fakir (followers) a beam of light came from Roza Mubarak.
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